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Chester teaches a student vet

Posted on 8 August, 2014 at 0:35 Comments comments (105)


I have been a holistic therapist at Remus Horse Sanctuary for many years, giving my time and holistic input for free to help, the beautiful animals there. It is a priviledge and every single moment there has been a learning curve, as the animals are my teachers in every single way. The reason that the Remus animals live to such ripe old ages is because Remus is made up of many parts;Vet care, diet specialists, dental specialists, hoof specialists and holisticspecialists. I am one of the 3 holistic specialists that Remus works with regularly and I am delighted to now be able to share some of my experienceswith you.

Arriving at Remus, I met with Sue and we discussed which Animals needed some holistic care for today. It had been a difficult night for Chester, Sue also had a 3 year Vet student, who she wanted me to show her what holistic care means at Remus. Entering the field, I found Chester, who watched us as we moved towards him. I explained to the student,that I had not met him before, so was not going to make him feel uncomfortableby moving too close to him. Horses are prey animals, so are very often wary of new people.

The ethos at Remus is that their animals are treated withrespect and where possible have a choice and this is the same for their healing too. As a Reiki practitioner it is up to me to offer out a reiki space ofhealing, should they choose to enter and not to force healing onto them. Yes‘force’! By placing my hands all over Chester I would for one not be respectinghis need for space and choice and also by placing my hands all over a ‘prey’animal who I have never met before can cause a lot of un-necessary stress. Standing at a distance, I placed one hand onthe students shoulder and with the other I placed by my side.

Reiki is a healing energy which helps make animals feelrelaxed and chilled and often gives them the space to heal. It is 100% safe andanimals love it. I offered reiki into anarea between Chester and myself and stood quietly with no expectation as to what Chester would do. Bit by bit Chester moved into this space and stood for afew minutes and then moved off to another part of the field.

It was all very subtle and as I explained to the student, that Chester had been in charge of his own healing and for me I just facilitated this opportunity, should he wish to take it. By placing my hand on hers houlder, she was able to experience reiki first hand. She felt very dreamy and relaxed and could feel and understand what Chester had felt too.

Holistic care at Remus is all about allowing the animals to have choice and therapists to have no ‘ego’

Chester was offered reiki and he took what he needed, I would like to write and say that he lay in the field as he soaked it up. It was his choice and the offer was there. Three days later Chester was put to sleep, which at Remus is the LAST resort. Being an animal practitioner is knowing that they know best.

Something deeper than we understand!


Aromatherapy oils an life!

Posted on 8 August, 2014 at 0:30 Comments comments (47)

I have just come back from a magical week in the Cotswolds, where I was able to complete my Continual Professional Development as part of being a qualified Animal PsychAromatica Practitioner. Yes! I qualified in April.... Yay! It is a qualification that I am very proud of, due to the hard work and length of time it took me. It has been a course which has been a journey about aromatherapy oils but it has also been a journey of discovery about myself. I am not the same nervous person who started on this course, I am now someone who is more confident and self assured.

CPD always sounds so boring and as a Senior Pharmacy Technician I have to say that it is but re-visiting my Animal Aromatherapy Course was a whole different matter.

I arrived at the same location I had been at two years before; Withybed Farm, which I have to say was in the middle of the deepest part of the Cotswolds, the sun was shining, and the energy of the farm was pure and loving, it brought back every happy memory that I had from my last visit, of which there were many.

I met up with Nayana, my wonderful tutor and Pauhla her assistant and spent the next week immersed in aromatherapy oils. The first time I had attended this course I had been very un-confident in my abilities. This time I was different, I had grown as a person as well as in knowledge over my two years of studying Animal PsychAromatica.This course had been a journey of the animals teaching me to be the best I can be and also having a tutor who truly believed in me. Courses are to gain knowledge but this course was for my soul too.

Being a returning student, it allowed me to sit back, enjoy, not worry, concentrating on issues that I needed further clearer guidance. Most of all I just loved arriving at class each day and smelling the beautiful aroma's that filled the room. It was such fun, listening to Nayana and being surrounded by animals and other students. I was also very fortunate to be there when Nayana Received the first printed copies of her first book, direct from the printers. It was so exciting, we had our very own book launch where we all purchased our very own signed copy. The book is amazing and is so beautifully written. I would recommend it for any budding aromatherapist who loves animals. I feel very blessed to have been there at this very important time in Nayana's life

Offering the oils to the animals, I was able to see in great depth and understand the subtle response's of what the animal was trying to say to me. I loved Nayana's connection to the animals and the way her energy was very calming and grounding, to a point of almost being hypnotic. I learnt so much about myself as I watched her interact with the animals, letting them guide her as both their energies connected.

When the final part of the workshop came, I realised that something very spiritual had happened over that week. My energy had shifted yet again, where I was able to leave behind in the beautiful Cotswolds a part of me which had been holding me back. I am ready to be the person I was meant to be and I am LOVING it.

For more information on how to be an Animal PsychAromatica Practitioner contact Nayana on


Healing my family

Posted on 8 August, 2014 at 0:25 Comments comments (53)

Armed with Flower essences, Wild Potatoe Bush, Impatiens and Honeysuckle and with the intention to do Reiki, I felt that the weekend should be one of healing. I was travelling to Ireland to be with, ‘heal’ my family. My father although making huge steps forward, is still unable to come home from the nursing home. He was feeling frustrated and angry that he could not come home. It has caused much stress and sadness to everyone concerned.


Entering the care home, I saw him sitting in the chair, looking deflated and down. I sat next to him and held his hand; it is heart breaking to see your parent so vulnerable. My sister had come with me to visit him. He was incredibly depressed and angry at the situation. I put the Flower Essence Remedy into his tea and offered Reiki; each and every part of his body drew on the Reiki energy. We sat for 3 hours in the Reiki space. It was a bit like a black comedy, as I did not notice that my father had slid right down the chair as he was so relaxed and was horizontal to the floor. Five nurses rushed into the room, to get him sitting back up. They were very perturbed as to how this could have happened but I secretly had to smile.


The next day that I went to visit him, they had taken the cushion off him as they thought he had slid off the cushion. I had to explain that I had given him, Reiki before they would give him the cushion back. What is Reiki, they did ask! I noticed that he was more lucid and was very chatty, to a point, where he was plotting his escape from the home. The problem with my dad is that his mind has not connected to his legs, so he cannot walk consistently and my mum who at 89 cannot look after him any more.


During this visit, my twin sister who owns a dairy farm said that one of her cows was poorly and suffering from meningitis. On the Sunday before we went to visit our dad, I popped over to her farm. Chilli the cow was brought in and I told everyone to leave me, while I offered Reiki to her. It was really strange, that from never working with a cow, I had worked with two other cows before travelling to Ireland. This had given me confidence but it had also showed me the ‘spiritual’ side of cows. I stood about a foot away from Chilli; I could see that she was nervous of my company, as we had never met. I created a Reiki space for her and she became deeper and deeper relaxed. The next thing that happened completely knocked me off guard. Another cow came from nowhere and ripped the door off the barn and barged her way into where I was offering Reiki. Stunned, I ran over to my sister’s house, where her husband was able to rectify things. Now, that everything was settled I went back to the barn and now I was offering Reiki to two cows! As Chilli became more relaxed with the Reiki, she placed her head in my hands and I became engulfed in a wave of sadness. I was completely overwhelmed and held back my tears. Her grief of giving up her calves each year was evident. The other cow placed her head on Chilli’s back and the three of us just stood quietly in the Reiki space. I never hold onto the ‘outcome’ of what should happen but I felt so blessed that Chilli was able to trust and share with me. I learnt a huge lesson on the value of ‘being’ and listening. No judgement, no ego just being able to hold the Reiki space for Chilli.


I had also been able to spend Mother’s day with my mum, who is remarkable, my first mother’s day in over 25 years. My three sisters stayed over and we were able to share stories and in honesty we were able to laugh and be carefree for the few hours we spent together. I have another sister, who was on Holiday but feel so fortunate that we have all been able to pull together. One of us stays with our mum 24/7 and then another one of us visits our father every day in the Care Home. It is a huge commitment and our husbands and family are very accommodating to allow us to do this. Luckily we are a big family.


Whilst at the Care Home, one of the residents said “You are great to visit your father every day”. My twin sister said, “Why would we not, he was the best dad ever”. I feel very proud of my sisters, that we have all pulled together and are all moving in the same direction. We see our parents not as a burden but we are grateful that we can now pay them back for everything they have done for us.


Dementia and Flower Essences

Posted on 6 August, 2014 at 9:10 Comments comments (307)

Many of you who know me, will know that my dad has been diagnosed with Dementia. For a while now I have been treating him with flower essences, with remarkable success. He has accepted his new life in a Care Home and is happy with the routine. He is not angry, only when he gets tired and so far, with lots of ups and downs. I feel that he has finally settled. As a family, the last place we wanted him to go, was into a Care Home and it was only after he had a short stint a Christmas at home, that we all realised that we would not be able to care for him and in some ways it would be neglect as he needed 24 medical care. He is unable to walk and the most basic need of going to the toilet needs 2 nurses to help him.


It was only after my last visit to Ireland, when I was able to spend time with my mum on her own. Did I then realise the devastation she was suffering. She was grieving for the life she had, she missed my dad so much. She said that even at the age of 89, she never expected her life to change. She missed the fact that they did everything together and that he was always there for her to confide in. We spoke at length about how she was feeling and she said that she woke up every morning feeling weak. I was able to understand this and realised that she was feeling anxiety and it was debilitating. We always think of the parent with the dementia but not the other, well I did.


I made up a flower essence treatment bottle of essences that I know will help her; 'Honeysuckle' for missing my dad Star of Bethlehem for shock and grief and 'Walnut' for change. I also added White Chestnut to help her sleep. It has been a very stressful time so a remedy of 'Oak' for me, helped me to be kind to myself. .Don't underestimate the power of flower essences when it comes to dementia. They will support the whole family and 'you' too. 

Baileys Flower Essences For Animals

Posted on 6 August, 2014 at 7:55 Comments comments (46)

I have been fascinated by these essences since I read a book about Arthur Bailey love of dowsing and how he came to create the Baileys Essences. The present range of Bailey essences is primarily concerned with personal growth and liberation. This does not mean that the essences cannot help physical illnesses – far from it. This makes it very interesting when using them with animals as it helps them to break away from the hold of past beliefs and experiences. As the old patterns ease away they are able to live in the present with their new owners, letting go of a fearful experience, as their past is what usually defines them as to who they are now.

Animals carry no baggage, or certainly not as much as the average human. The essences help them to find their true value. They gently offer change by not forcing change until the animal is able to come to this conclusion on their own. They are not drugs so do not contain any active ingredient that could interfere with any medication that your animal maybe on.

Arthur Bailey was a scientist at heart and came to develop this range by first experiencing the power of the Bach Flowers during a very bad case of Asian Flu. His dowsing skills helped him to find the flowers that he needed but he also needed to meditate with them on a personal level. He describes how he discovered this in the paragraph below.

‘I had finally discovered the main properties of these “Bailey” essences through meditational insight. I realised that they were for attitudes of mind – how people see and relate to the world around them. They were therefore quite different from the Bach remedies. Indeed, it is our attitudes of mind that give rise to negative emotional states. As the series expanded I realised that there was far more to flower essences that I had dreamt possible. Gradually I came to realise through my own experience that we are all multi-dimensional beings. Therefore when we experience difficulties in our lives the root of our problems may not be in just the body-mind area. We need to take a much broader view’

I am looking forward to learning more about the Bailey essences and seeing with my own eyes how they can bring balance and harmony into an animals life. For me my interest is that he came from a scientific background, which is where I too come from. It allows me to not take things at face value but to look deeper into what I am learning.'2013'

'2014' As I explored the Bailey's Essences, I had a huge desire to write a book. After contacting Rebecca Hunter, Arthur's daughter, I have been tirelessly working with over 40 animal cases world wide to see how the animals react to these beautiful essences. The results so far have been truly amazing.