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Moving House

Posted on 21 July, 2019 at 0:40 Comments comments (156)

Moving house with pets

In this article I want to discuss issues which affect cats and dogs when moving house. It can be a stressful event for humans and especially stressful, confusing and upsetting for animals. Cats and dogs are attached to their own territory and moving can be disruptive and disorientating so what can we do to keep our pets calm for emotional and physical wellness during this transition.

It is a good idea to set aside a quiet room in your house that has been emptied and shut the door to reduce any noise. Provide their usual bedding, toys, food and water and leave them in some peace and quiet in between their toilet breaks.

Keep to your pet’s daily routine and continue once you have moved to make your pet feel more at home giving them plenty of reassurance and attention during and after the move. I Believe that distance Reiki would be a great help to them during this time by creating consistency and stability.

Pets are creatures of comfort and may take time to settle. It is best to move when you have time off work, to leave your pet alone in their new environment can lead to anxiety. Limit your pet to an area of the house, furniture free, as even a fully trained dog can revert back to destructive chewing if they are stressed, toilet training can also become a little hit and miss. Reassurance and a recap on training may be needed. Redirect their focus between treats and training.

If you are moving to a new area of the country for example in the United States and other parts of Europe, it is a good idea to ask your veterinarian surgeon prior to the move how a new climate could impact your pet. You could also ask your vet for advice in keeping your pet calm during the move and if they can recommend a veterinary surgeon in the area you are moving to.

Holistic therapy in conjunction with conventional veterinary care can work hand in hand, Animals feel fear, anger, happiness, depression, jealousy and joy just like us. Flower essences and Crystal healing are excellent holistic treatments.

Bach Flowers can change an animal’s negative emotions to positive. Dr Bach said, “for flower essences to work you need to have a soul, animals are the most soulful creatures to grace this earth”. That is such a beautiful quote from Dr Bach and so true.

In this situation of transition and change, if I was choosing Flower essences to treat an animal, I would prescribe Mimulus and Walnut.

Mimulus is the bravery flower and can be given short to medium term, starting before you move and see how your pet is settling into their new environment. For any period of change flower essences help to ease them into their new surroundings. It is just so wonderful to see your pet become more confident and courageous being able to enjoy life again without fear.


Walnut breaks links with the past and is very useful in all transition situations and big changes. It protects against outside influences and breaking with the pas,t so that they can move forward more easily.

Crystal Therapy

While going through change or transition crystals can make it easier and smoother to calm emotions creating a positive energy. Animals respond to the healing energy of crystals and it can help to make transitions easier and smoother for your pet.

In the hustle and bustle of the move I would place the crystals near a photograph of your pet, pointing towards the picture. This will help to send long-distance healing and protection to your animal while they are safely waiting in a quiet room.

Before you move it may help to make some crystal water to treat your animal before you move and when you arrive at your new home. I would put the crystal water in a separate water bowl as I believe that the animal will drink as much as they need so it is good to have their normal drinking water available for them as well. If you are not experienced with crystals ask a qualified Crystal healer to help you as there are two methods, the direct method and indirect method. You can also make a crystal grid

Crystal grid for peace and harmony in the home

Place clear Quartz, Flourite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Jade on a flower of life Crystal Grid Cloth as seen below.

Place clear quartz, fluorite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Jade on a flower of life Crystal Grid Cloth.

Clear Quartz is a master healer that is effective for all conditions

Amethyst calms nerves, and is an all-round healer.

Jade is used to resolve blockages and re-balance the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz dispels feelings of despair, fear, and resentment to bring out feelings of happiness.

Citrine brings happiness, joy and positivity in life by eliminating negative energies transforming them into positive energies.

There are many more crystals that can be used.

Blue Lace Agate promotes sleep, and calms an anxious pet.

Sodalite can calm a nervous pet and is good for settling down during travel

Chrysocolla boosts confidence and gives the courage to deal with situations and helps to relieve stress and tension.

Jet is a grounding and protective crystal which removes negative energies, reduces emotions such as fear, and sadness and has the ability to balance yin and yang energies.

Watermelon Tourmaline relieves stress and supports inner peace so your pet can move through this transition as painlessly as possible.

Do not wash their bedding until a couple of weeks after the move as a familiar scent in the new house will be of comfort to them. Ensure that your pets ID tags and microchip details are up to date with your new home address. Unpack your pet’s belongings first and when you walk them through their new home show them where familiar toys, bowls, and beds are placed. Do not let your pet loose in your new garden before checking fencing and walls. When you are sure that your garden is secure stay with them outside until they are confident in their new surroundings. Socialise them to new neighbours, street traffic and noise. And may I wish you good luck and happiness in your new home.

The Language of plants

Posted on 4 October, 2014 at 7:55 Comments comments (103)

If you take the time to 'smell the flowers' you will understand that the flowers of the world really do talk. They are secretly sharing with us their properties if we would only take the time to listen. While writing my book at the Bailey's flower essences, I have been fascinated with the photo's of the plant and the indications that they are used for. For example 'Firethorn' which has beautiful vibrant berries is used to balance the 'fire' energy of a person. If you look at the plant youcan easily see how the colourful berries are representative of the flames of a fire. Flame Azalea is representative of a smouldering fire  and is used to rekindle a persons life 'force' enegy. When you look at nature you can get blown away by its magic, its power and its gentleness all at the same time. Animals have always understood the language of plants but more and more are being deprived of the opportunity to select a plant/part of a plant that they may require. I have often watched my dogs expertly select the exact part  of a nettle that they need, even though the nettle may stng them. They just know instictively what the properties are. I have seen them strip the leaves off my dalia plants and I do not even know what properties the leaves may have but I just know there must be something that my dogs need. 

As I am a classically trained Bach Flower Practitioner here are a few of the Bach flowers, with a simple interpretation of how I understand the language of plants  which makes sense to me. Bach’s Impatiens flower remedy treats impatience and irritability that is reflected in the shooting explosions of seeds from the plant, when the pod is ripe. This plant also grows rapidly compared to most plants. Oak flower remedy is for responsible people who struggle on, supporting others and working hard even when their energy levels are exhausted. In parallel the mighty oak tree, stands strong in the forest supporting the wildlife After a storm, when many trees have toppled over, you will see the middle of the tree completely sparse and rotten. Although it offered so much to many, it was unable to care for itself. Aspen the essence for fear of the unknown by looking at the tree you can see how the leaves tremble in the wind. Clematis the essence for the daydreamer grows sprawling out in any direction until it has no way of supporting itself. Gangly it dreams of reaching the sun. The Water Violet will only grow in the purest ditches and ponds. It cannot abide competition and likes the space to spread. This essence is for those who prefer their own company, giving them an almost aloof quality. The Larch tree grows very tall, and larch flower remedy helps you to stand tall and strong so you can grasp new elevations. The Wild Rose represents a signature of abundance and development, liberty and magnificence. It proves that once stuck amongst the thorns, by clearing a path for the flower to grow you can move forward in your personal growth with a desire to make a better living. Mimulus is an essence for shyness, as well as known fears. It is a beautiful yellow flower that grows along the river banks. The energy of the colour yellow gives confidence; it is the colour associated with the Solar Plexus, which is ‘our power’ ‘our control’ of life. It screams out ‘here I am’.It brightens the way, helping us to let go of any fears we may have.




Posted on 2 October, 2014 at 7:50 Comments comments (306)

It is nearly the time of year when animals in the UK are exposed to fireworks. Some cope with them fine but a lot of the animals I have treated are terrified. Here are some simple tips to help them get through the Fireworks season. I have noticed that here in the UK, fireworks are not just confined to November, they seem to have become a weekly occurance.  Flower essences can offer the necessary support to help any animal that is stressed. Your animal is an individual and the way they deal with fear will be unique to them. Chose the essences based on the behaviours they are exhibiting. Think of the reasons why your animal is fearful what was the original trigger or association to their first experience of Fireworks. Loud noises naturally disturb both animals and people. Animals are emotional sponges and will pick up on your own energy and anxiety. If we are worried that they will be worried then so it shall be.

Start giving Rescue Remedy at least 2 weeks before the Fireworks season.

Keep your pets indoors

Turn the TV up or play music. Classical music is by far the most soothing.

Close the curtains

Make sure doors and windows securely shut

Try not to reinforce fearful behavior when they are anxious

Allow them to hide in a bolt hole, if needed. This is a natural response to something that they would be scared of.

Distract them with a game of some kind. So they are not focused on the sound of the fireworks.

If you have drums and practice them often, then play the drums on 'Fire works night' This may sound silly but it will mask out the sound of the 'bangs' 

Signs of stress are:


Excessive grooming


Marking the home

Pet running away


Over excited

Running in circles

scratching at the furniture excessively

If you really must get fireworks:

Keep fireworks as far away from the home as possible

Buy silent fireworks - yes! they do exist

Buy handheld cascade fireworksGo to a local display




Your pet will behave in the way it's species would behave if in the wild... horses will run, cats usually like to climb high, dogs like bark an so on. Respect them for using their coping mechanisms. These behaviours are inate and are survival mechanisms.


Healing my family

Posted on 8 August, 2014 at 0:25 Comments comments (53)

Armed with Flower essences, Wild Potatoe Bush, Impatiens and Honeysuckle and with the intention to do Reiki, I felt that the weekend should be one of healing. I was travelling to Ireland to be with, ‘heal’ my family. My father although making huge steps forward, is still unable to come home from the nursing home. He was feeling frustrated and angry that he could not come home. It has caused much stress and sadness to everyone concerned.


Entering the care home, I saw him sitting in the chair, looking deflated and down. I sat next to him and held his hand; it is heart breaking to see your parent so vulnerable. My sister had come with me to visit him. He was incredibly depressed and angry at the situation. I put the Flower Essence Remedy into his tea and offered Reiki; each and every part of his body drew on the Reiki energy. We sat for 3 hours in the Reiki space. It was a bit like a black comedy, as I did not notice that my father had slid right down the chair as he was so relaxed and was horizontal to the floor. Five nurses rushed into the room, to get him sitting back up. They were very perturbed as to how this could have happened but I secretly had to smile.


The next day that I went to visit him, they had taken the cushion off him as they thought he had slid off the cushion. I had to explain that I had given him, Reiki before they would give him the cushion back. What is Reiki, they did ask! I noticed that he was more lucid and was very chatty, to a point, where he was plotting his escape from the home. The problem with my dad is that his mind has not connected to his legs, so he cannot walk consistently and my mum who at 89 cannot look after him any more.


During this visit, my twin sister who owns a dairy farm said that one of her cows was poorly and suffering from meningitis. On the Sunday before we went to visit our dad, I popped over to her farm. Chilli the cow was brought in and I told everyone to leave me, while I offered Reiki to her. It was really strange, that from never working with a cow, I had worked with two other cows before travelling to Ireland. This had given me confidence but it had also showed me the ‘spiritual’ side of cows. I stood about a foot away from Chilli; I could see that she was nervous of my company, as we had never met. I created a Reiki space for her and she became deeper and deeper relaxed. The next thing that happened completely knocked me off guard. Another cow came from nowhere and ripped the door off the barn and barged her way into where I was offering Reiki. Stunned, I ran over to my sister’s house, where her husband was able to rectify things. Now, that everything was settled I went back to the barn and now I was offering Reiki to two cows! As Chilli became more relaxed with the Reiki, she placed her head in my hands and I became engulfed in a wave of sadness. I was completely overwhelmed and held back my tears. Her grief of giving up her calves each year was evident. The other cow placed her head on Chilli’s back and the three of us just stood quietly in the Reiki space. I never hold onto the ‘outcome’ of what should happen but I felt so blessed that Chilli was able to trust and share with me. I learnt a huge lesson on the value of ‘being’ and listening. No judgement, no ego just being able to hold the Reiki space for Chilli.


I had also been able to spend Mother’s day with my mum, who is remarkable, my first mother’s day in over 25 years. My three sisters stayed over and we were able to share stories and in honesty we were able to laugh and be carefree for the few hours we spent together. I have another sister, who was on Holiday but feel so fortunate that we have all been able to pull together. One of us stays with our mum 24/7 and then another one of us visits our father every day in the Care Home. It is a huge commitment and our husbands and family are very accommodating to allow us to do this. Luckily we are a big family.


Whilst at the Care Home, one of the residents said “You are great to visit your father every day”. My twin sister said, “Why would we not, he was the best dad ever”. I feel very proud of my sisters, that we have all pulled together and are all moving in the same direction. We see our parents not as a burden but we are grateful that we can now pay them back for everything they have done for us.


Dementia and Flower Essences

Posted on 6 August, 2014 at 9:10 Comments comments (337)

Many of you who know me, will know that my dad has been diagnosed with Dementia. For a while now I have been treating him with flower essences, with remarkable success. He has accepted his new life in a Care Home and is happy with the routine. He is not angry, only when he gets tired and so far, with lots of ups and downs. I feel that he has finally settled. As a family, the last place we wanted him to go, was into a Care Home and it was only after he had a short stint a Christmas at home, that we all realised that we would not be able to care for him and in some ways it would be neglect as he needed 24 medical care. He is unable to walk and the most basic need of going to the toilet needs 2 nurses to help him.


It was only after my last visit to Ireland, when I was able to spend time with my mum on her own. Did I then realise the devastation she was suffering. She was grieving for the life she had, she missed my dad so much. She said that even at the age of 89, she never expected her life to change. She missed the fact that they did everything together and that he was always there for her to confide in. We spoke at length about how she was feeling and she said that she woke up every morning feeling weak. I was able to understand this and realised that she was feeling anxiety and it was debilitating. We always think of the parent with the dementia but not the other, well I did.


I made up a flower essence treatment bottle of essences that I know will help her; 'Honeysuckle' for missing my dad Star of Bethlehem for shock and grief and 'Walnut' for change. I also added White Chestnut to help her sleep. It has been a very stressful time so a remedy of 'Oak' for me, helped me to be kind to myself. .Don't underestimate the power of flower essences when it comes to dementia. They will support the whole family and 'you' too. 

Baileys Flower Essences For Animals

Posted on 6 August, 2014 at 7:55 Comments comments (48)

I have been fascinated by these essences since I read a book about Arthur Bailey love of dowsing and how he came to create the Baileys Essences. The present range of Bailey essences is primarily concerned with personal growth and liberation. This does not mean that the essences cannot help physical illnesses – far from it. This makes it very interesting when using them with animals as it helps them to break away from the hold of past beliefs and experiences. As the old patterns ease away they are able to live in the present with their new owners, letting go of a fearful experience, as their past is what usually defines them as to who they are now.

Animals carry no baggage, or certainly not as much as the average human. The essences help them to find their true value. They gently offer change by not forcing change until the animal is able to come to this conclusion on their own. They are not drugs so do not contain any active ingredient that could interfere with any medication that your animal maybe on.

Arthur Bailey was a scientist at heart and came to develop this range by first experiencing the power of the Bach Flowers during a very bad case of Asian Flu. His dowsing skills helped him to find the flowers that he needed but he also needed to meditate with them on a personal level. He describes how he discovered this in the paragraph below.

‘I had finally discovered the main properties of these “Bailey” essences through meditational insight. I realised that they were for attitudes of mind – how people see and relate to the world around them. They were therefore quite different from the Bach remedies. Indeed, it is our attitudes of mind that give rise to negative emotional states. As the series expanded I realised that there was far more to flower essences that I had dreamt possible. Gradually I came to realise through my own experience that we are all multi-dimensional beings. Therefore when we experience difficulties in our lives the root of our problems may not be in just the body-mind area. We need to take a much broader view’

I am looking forward to learning more about the Bailey essences and seeing with my own eyes how they can bring balance and harmony into an animals life. For me my interest is that he came from a scientific background, which is where I too come from. It allows me to not take things at face value but to look deeper into what I am learning.'2013'

'2014' As I explored the Bailey's Essences, I had a huge desire to write a book. After contacting Rebecca Hunter, Arthur's daughter, I have been tirelessly working with over 40 animal cases world wide to see how the animals react to these beautiful essences. The results so far have been truly amazing.